Jesusland remains Unreleased

19/September/2005 - 13:07

One week later, and after gaining plenty of airplay, the elusive Jesusland single remains unreleased, possibly deleted.

The computerised catalogue systems (which detail present and upcoming UK releases) in HMV, Virgin Megastore, and even independent record stores, come up blank. Interestingly though, they did show 'Landed' as 'deleted' after it also mysteriously failed to turn up anywhere except online (in the UK, at least).

Another telltale sign is that there are absolutely zero 'Jesusland' items on eBay; a place which is certain to harbour at least a cd or two immediately following - and sometimes before - release.

I can only assume that Sony intend to only release singles to radio stations in an attempt to boost sales of the album without the associated costs of actually releasing a physical single. Fair enough, but they could be more explicit when claiming to 'release' these songs. I know a lot of people are getting frustrated trapsing round CD stores trying to support their favourite artist and hoping for some new b-sides.

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