Jesusland released in the UK. Allegedly.

12/September/2005 - 23:59

A lovely birthday fairy.In case you'd forgotten (like I had), Jesusland was released as a single today in the UK - though I'd love to hear from anyone who's managed to find the darn thing!

Expecting another digital-only single 'release', I even headed to the digital services with no luck. Perhaps local, independent shops may be the answer - be sure to drop us all a note on the message board if you manage to nab a copy.

Needless to say I had hoped to let you know what the b-sides and covert art was today. I'll keep looking.

Oh, and incidentally, today is Ben's 39th birthday, so many happy return and all that! Ben_Folds_Fan, one of our old skool board members, is also adding one today. Happy birthday old bean!

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