Ipswich Gig postponed

4/November/2008 - 20:41

Still reeling from disbelief at the prospect of Ben Folds coming to little ol' Ipswich on the 1st of December? Well disbelieve it some more 'cause it's been postponed! From and email sent out:

We're writing to inform you that BEN FOLDS at Regent Theatre
on 01/12/2008 has been postponed. Once the new date is confirmed you will be
Tickets will remain valid for the re-scheduled show, or if you prefer,a refund
for the face value of the tickets can be obtained by returning your tickets
no later than 1 week prior to any new date to,
See Tickets, 4th Floor, Norfolk House, Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham
NG1 2AB, with a copy of this e-mail.
We strongly recommend that you return your tickets to us by a
secure postal service.

At the moment, all other UK gigs (with and without Counting Crows) are still going ahead. Oh, apart from the Ireland ones that got mysteriously replaced by dates in Germany.

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