I've Run Out Of Fingers

27/February/2008 - 18:25

As I write this, the number '799908' is staring back at me from the lower right hand corner of the screen. See it? If you're reading the number '' then you're too far right and too far down. Look a little bit down from the 'Make a Donation' button (I still have one of those?).

Well, if that number happens to read 800000 then I want to hear from you! Throw a screen-grab my way, telling me when it happened, and I shall pop up a post about it. In fact, why not tell me as much erroneous information as you care to try about this semi-event. What you were wearing? Any particular items of interest on your desk? Is your seated position an exact match of the recommended poise... that kind of thing.

Anyone not interested in these kinds of shennanigans kindly keep moving through to the boards, where we shall endeavour to amuse you with tales of mugging, death threats and stalking. Hey, it's what fans do!

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