I'm Getting A Work Out Updating This Thing

30/August/2008 - 2:36

First off, thanks caats19 for cross posting Ben's .org post.

I just came back from visiting the .org, and let me tell you, the transition from looking at that blue screen so intently to then switching tabs to this red one. Kind of hurts the eyes, but I digress.

Ill on the .org started basically an open letter to Ben, that well, could be read as a mission statement almost, about the .org's current stance on Ben Folds and his music.

Ben responded pretty promptly with a response that told him he; one, expected about half his fanbase to turn with Silverman because the same thing essentially happened with Whatever, two; he can see where they're coming from, especially about Rock this Bitch and three; well, a non-answer, but mentions that he will be hanging around after shows again more frequently. I haven't been able to figure out a way to directly link you to Ben's post on the .org, so you can read the copied over version here. (Right click, open if you're on the RSS feed, or on the permalink page!)

so much for ben's use of capital letters. (That was even hard to type out that way). Be sure to check out the review of WEAE that Ben copied and pasted, it's a bit strange for me to read something like that about an album many of us consider to be the corner piece of Ben Folds Five's work. I really wonder what that guy thought of Messner. Ha!

Also, we've been told to expect Ben, yet again, on our fair Suburbs. Oh man. Poor Andy. He should be updating this thing, not me.

Also- an AP preview of Way to Normal includes this little tidbit about this upcoming production Ben mentioned yesterday; to include "extra people on stage. Props. Lights. Stuff. Whatever the fuck it takes". See it all here.  You may have to squint to read it.

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