Hear previews of the REAL 'Way To Normal' album

13/August/2008 - 23:01

Rolling Stone has just posted a four-page article/interview with Ben Folds regarding the fake 'Way To Normal' - complete with side-by-side comparisons with 30-second samples of the real deals!

Along with confirmation of the fake 'Brainwascht', 'Way To Normal', 'Dr. Yang', 'Free Coffee', 'Bitch Went Nuts' and 'Frown Song', it mentions that the leaked 'Cologne' was an alternative version than the one meant for the album, and goes into quite a bit of detail on who in the band was involved in writing what.

Instead of rehashing it all, I'll just let you go ahead and read it. I was interested to see that Ben had noticed we (myself and Grant over on the .org) were deleting it through fear of being sued. Nah, Ben, we were just looking out for your wallet...

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