Happy Birthday 'Burbs

27/May/2005 - 23:46

A very hairy Andy and a very scared BenForgive me for back-dating this post by a few minutes, but I've been very busy this evening as you can see!

Today marks the 4th birthday of theSuburbs - the first and longest running solo Ben fansite, started waaay back in 2001 simply as a place to get all the rumours and half-info about Ben's post-BFF career in one handy place.

After months of development, and a last minute stressfest, you can see that we've undergone a total revamp with new layout, new code, and new features!

If it seems a little stripped back you'd be correct - I have some major updates and additions up my sleeve across the whole site, and instead of perpetually delaying the whole thing while I try and get it done, I've got the new site and a few features up for this momentous day, and bring the rest in bit-by-bit, as I fit it around the lifestyle of a young professional (was I really a teenager when I started this site? Scary!).

I hope you like the new site. It's been a long time in the making, and it's certainly going to make it a lot easier for me to maintain. There is a lot waiting in the wings, so there's a lot to get excited about. So much in fact, I'm gradually taking on some helpers who will pop up as things go on.

Finally, let me say thank you to all those who've supported me over the years, especially those who've been around since May 27th 2001. Special thanks also goes to Michael (ScrewedHippy), who has bent over backwards to help me get this big update done, and put up with my stress-fuelled rants via MSN. Couldn't have done it without you, mate!

(and no, I don't look like that anymore.)

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