Got a message for Ben and the guys?

11/December/2001 - 18:48

Want to send your own message to Ben and co? Well now you can, with thanks to Crystal Daze.

Go on, show the guys you care...


As you all know Ben is coming to Melbourne, Australia on the 23rd of december.

So i thought it would be a great idea if i could give Ben and the guys a pressie from all of us.

Now what i have in mind is a scrap book of messages/good-tidings from all of us with a whole bunch of extra tid bits that shows Ben how much we love his music and what he means to us.

So what you need to do is send an email to me that includes:


Now i want to make a big book for Ben.
And in that book other than the messaged i would love to include your photos to put next to your message. This way ben will be able to know who you are. Other peices that would make this book special would be any art work, pics of ben, pics of you guys with ben, poems, songs, or anything that would help ben identify you from the rest.

eg. Kari's preperation H sign...

Now Bens pressie will be the main attraction but i think that a smaller message book for the others would be just as sweet. Unless anyone can think of any gifts they might like.

Now if this is gunna work im gunna need you all to get typing and send me your messages to Ben, Millard, Snuzz and Jim to :

Now the deadline will be the 15th of december US TIME. so get a typing.

luv Crystal Daze

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