Good Times and Best Imitations

15/February/2007 - 21:35

Ben Folds' piano sits empty following the European Tour de Farce 2007Well, Ben and co have completed their tour of Europe and are no doubt enjoying their well earned rest back in Nashville. I've been planning a full roundup for a while, but media is still emerging! If you're an eager beaver, get sniffing round the tour board for pics, vids, bootlegs and all sorts. I will be posting up a load of stuff soon.

There is a reason for the delay - the partially-educated hamsters that power the site have been having some extra electrodes implanted in their brains. The first evidence of this was the natty ability to add yourself to upcoming and past gig dates (members only, natch), and the long overdue alphabetical categorisation of the lyrics section. By the looks of it, there's going to be a lot of exciting things appearing round here...

OK, so if you thought this news update was all talk, here's a little something. You might remember Brooke from her (non porno) 'Brooke Does Ben' site, or her participation in Addison's own cover band Sven Holds Jive. Well, inspired by the many Ben Folds Medleys on Youtube, she decided to see how quickly she could get through thirty songs. Thirty! And the answer? Two minutes forty.

I defy you to name them as fast as she plays 'em.

Oh, and if your appetite for Folds covers has been whetted, I urge you (as always) to check out the unstoppable force of Ben Folds Revive. Then cry that you're not as good as them. I do. Regularly.

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