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21/August/2001 - 10:40

First of all, a date we don't seem to have heard of before... September 22nd, at La Zona Rosa in Austin. Tickets are available on and cost roughly $22.00. Thanks Baby Boss!

Also, Michael has posted the setlist for Ben's set at V2001. I've added it below, you can see it plus all of Michael's impressions here on the boards, just scroll down a bit. Big thank you to Michael then. :-)

V2001 setlist:
Not The Same
Zak And Sara
Hiro's Song (introduced as Kareoke Supernova)
Losing Lisa
Carrying Cathy
Rockin' The Suburbs (introduced as Feel My Paaaaaaiiiiinnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!)

Last, but not least, Oknerihsu has been tirelessly posting to the transcription board with the basic chords for various songs. Go on, check it out, you know you want to grab that guitar/piano/saxophone/jew's harp/electric fiddle/etc and be Ben Folds for the time it takes you to play a song...*g*

That seems to be it for now - have a great day.


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