Get the Channel 7 Sunrise performance here!

1/April/2005 - 11:44

Ben Folds performing on Channel 7's Sunrise in AustraliaBefore you all rip my lungs out for my little joke, here's a REAL update to get excited about!

Jake (of transcription fame) recorded and encoded this morning's appearance on Sunrise for us all to enjoy.

At the moment it's a high-quality Windows Media file, but any video purists after an MPEG won't have long to wait - we'll be getting one out soon enough. This way people who just want to watch it can do so without killing my bandwidth :)

Right-click and save the file here (or CTRL-click, macfans!).

Also, in case any of you weren't in love with Ben enough already - here's a little mpeg clip of him going into a station break before the performance. I can hear you swooning from here.

Thanks Jake!

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