Full Australian Landed single details

24/March/2005 - 17:16

Landed cover art in the shape of AustraliaNick emailed me the other day to put me straight about a couple of things on the Australian CD single of "Landed".

See, as it turns out Ben's cover of "Bitches Ain't Shit" WON'T be the B-side, as we had previously thought. Instead, the tracklisting is as follows:

1. Landed (New Version)
2. Side Of The Road
3. There's Always Someone Cooler Than You (Live Version)
4. Rockin' The Suburbs (Live Version)

As anticipated, we've got some live 'filler' in there, but the surprise addition of another cover by Ben, this time of Lucinda Williams' 'Side of the Road'.

I'm assuming that the tracks are the same as the ones on "Songs for Goldfish" (both live tunes recorded at the El Rey Theater, LA on the 22nd October 2004), which would imply that Songs for Goldfish will not be getting an Australian release and - vice versa - this single will not be available in the states.

There's some speculation over what this "New Version" of Landed is that has been popping up around the place. It's nothing to get excited about; seeing as it's been attached to some of the digital download versions which are, on inspection, absolutely identical to the regular single.

Oh, and yes - these b-sides do kinda lay waste to "Songs for Goldfish"'s "tracks you can't get ANYWHERE else" selling point.

The single will be released in stores on Monday April 4th.

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