Foldsby Project Updates, As Well As People From Ben's Past

19/August/2009 - 21:08

It has been published that the Hornby termed "Foldsby" project is slated to be released next year.

“I asked Nick if he’d be interested in kicking out enough lyrics for an album,” said Folds. “He sends lyrics by e-mail.

“When I have a moment I stare at them until I hear a song ... My rule is not to revise Nick’s lyrics.”

Folds said the album was about half made and would include 12 Hornby songs. They are about the downs and occasional ups of life and love.

Also in Japan (at a completely solo show - yeah, no Jared or Sam even), Ben debuted a second Foldsby track- Levi Johnston Blues. Which is a pretty snarky song about what Hornby imagined to be going through the former Gov of Alaska's daughter's child's father. (Does that make sense? The Palins are an interesting bunch). And luckily for us not in Japan someone recorded the show. So get that song here. The rest of the bootleg here, which includes a great version of Gracie, another Picture Window and Hiroshima in Japanese!

Then in catching up with Ben's Past-

One: Snuzz (you know, all around awesome guy from the Rockin' the Suburbs tour, not to mention International Orange - with Robert, Pots & Pans - With Ben, and Bus Stop - With Chuck... ) has been diagnosed with lymphoma, and a few key human beings (Cait and Django) have put together a Snuzz-Fest that you can attend in a few weeks if you're in the Chapel Hill area. Includes an International Orange reunion! Includes appearances by the new Robert Sledge Band! Includes Snuzz' all together awesomeness! Read more about North Carolina's hidden musical genius. If you cannot attend but would like to make donations to his medical bills, please do so here!!!!


Two: Chuck Folds Five, I mean, Amplify This, has released a CD's worth of material, but in my conversations with Chuck they're not going to be even pressing it and selling it. But of course he wants it out there. So he gave me permission to upload it to wokeupwaytoolate. So COME AND GET ITTTTTTTTTT.

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