First two bands confirmed for Ben Folds Experience Cruise

26/May/2007 - 13:32

The first two bands - well, acts - for the Ben Folds Experience cruise have been announced, neither of which should surpirse you very much.

First of all, long term tour opener Eef Barzelay will be doing his (very entertaining) acoustic thing - hopefully he'll have a new cover for us by then. Secondly, it's Amanda Palmer! Ben is currently working on her solo album with her, so that's not too surprising.

I'm still hoping some awesome-yet-relatively-unknowns will pop up. Not that I can afford to go on this thing. Damn.

Oh yeah, and RSVPness has now been extended until May 30th. A few people seems to be having issues so let me clarify: You RSVP simply by using the login/password they sent you and logging in once. There's no "thanks for RSVPing" process or anything. You log in, it's done.

Also, when I logged in my default password (date of birth) was in DDMMYYYY format, not the American MMDDYYY. Though if neither work, head for the BFE helpdesk (scroll to the bottom) or forums.

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