First Ben Folds Five Reunion Videos Appear

8/October/2008 - 6:18

Not yet the show videos. However, you can see many Burbians throughout the fan videos, including, but not limited to our very own Alex, Justin and Makiko! (And before you start asking, no, I'm not in it at all. I totally avoided the cameras at the reunion. Would have looked even more ridiculous at that show than I did at the studio gig.)

Check out NowWhat's site and click on the Ben Folds Five "theatre" in the middle of your page, and then there's a "fan interview" card being held by a hand on the left side of your screen.

Hopefully this means the actual show will show up soon. Andy figured it would while he was gone.

PS: Going to Chicago? Check the meet up thread. We should have good times again. And don't forget to add yourself to the tour page if you're hitting up shows this tour, or already have.

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