Far From Normal (aka Way To Confuse Me)

16/July/2008 - 23:46

This'll teach me to stay up late transcribing live tracks...

Apparently some files have hit the internet, and apparently they're songs from Ben's new album 'Way To Normal'.

However. HOWEVER. My source tells me that although the tracks share the same name as the songs Ben has been performing live, they aren't the same songs. They are, and I quote: "definitely called the same but way different". Or something. They said they'd type up some lyrics for me, but for now here're some track names:

Brainwascht, Cologne, Dr. Yang, Free Coffee, Hiroshima, The Bitch Went Nuts, The Frown Song, Way to Normal, You Don't Know Me.

Nine tracks? Feasible. No 'Kylie from Connecticut' or 'Errant Dog'? Less likely. SAME SONGS DIFFERENT WORDS? Now I'm going cross-eyed. The only reason I'm posting this is my source has never previously led me astray. Unless they've just decided to see what kind of rubbish they can get me to post, in which case I'm going to totally kill them.

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