Fan Clubbers Get Special Gift!

10/January/2006 - 11:22

Ben Folds on Paste Magazine, being sent out as a free gift to fan club membersThat's right! And it's an old magazine.

After sending out an email promising a special gift, fans have been a bit disappointed to receive issue #15 of 'Paste' magazine (featuring Ben, of course) from 2005.

Personally, I'm glad to have it as I couldn't get it at the time, and I'm a terrible completionist (as I will be proving on this thread very soon), but it seems to be lacking in imagination/exclusivity. Still, it could have been worse - we could have got nothing at all. Production costs would prohibit fanclub only CDs (I assume), but perhaps some exclusive digital downloads would be more viable? Sure, they'd get shared around by someone-or-other, but I'd wager that most people who are keen enough to track these things down are already members. Surely there are Ben Folds Live offcuts and alternative studio recordings lying around somewhere? Just a thought.

Incidentally, if you're not part of the fanclub, you can order the magazine online.

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