Fan Club packs sent out

22/August/2005 - 11:35

The official Ben Folds Fan Club membership card. Yes, I did fake the name on it.After weeks became months, and months became - well - more months, the Ben Folds Fan club packs have been sent out and received.

The pack comprises of a welcome letter, a laminated membership card (name & photo of Ben on one side, computer-printed signature and piano drawing on the other), an autographed photo of Ben (which made me feel like a 14-year-old female boyband obsessive) and an autographed "Live at Tower Records" EP. I'm glad they sent out that EP rather than any of the attackedbyplastic trio, as a majority of fans have resisted buying this overpriced 3-track - even a seasoned collector such as myself. Chloe kindly posted some scans on the message board.

It's obvious that the pack is not worth the $35 I paid, so the real proof of the club will be in anything that follows. We've had one email already telling us about upcoming dates and pre-sales, but I - as I know a lot of people - will be keeping score through to renewal time.

That said - I'm an Offical Ben Folds Fan! Whee!

EDIT: If anyone joins now, I'd be keen to hear how long it takes for the pack to arrive. Mine was 3 months and 2 days - anyone still waiting?

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