Fan Club benefits in NYC

31/August/2005 - 15:10

The Soho Apple Store in New YorkThe Official Fan Club sent out a note last night about Ben's upcoming gig at the NYC Soho Apple store on the 6th of September. It seems all fanclub members are being urged to turn up early ('by 5:30pm') with membership cards and proof of ID in order to gain access to the store at 6:30.

There's been no mention of this as a fanclub member-only event, so I assume it'll just buy you early admission to get the best postition. I'm not sure what format these in-store performances will take, but I like the idea that those fans dedicated enough to join the club are getting priority treatment like this. NOTE: I doubt that such a system would stretch to the normal, ticketed shows as everyone would be paying to get in anyway.

Any fan club members take your camera and let us know what the score is!

Also of note these past two days - Ben's iTunes Originals album (originally 'leaked' onto the system earlier this month) was officially released yesterday. There's no way to get it outseide of the USA though, but thanks to Nate you can check out the cover art here. Thanks Nate!

PS Apologies for any delays. My aforementioned flu is making it hard enough for me to remain upright, never mind coherent. For all the latest, why not pop over to the boards?

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