Everyone Poops* (Burbs Chat with Ben and Co)

29/April/2009 - 4:36

  Ben Folds Presents: University A Capella! came out today. It's better than I even expected. On my premature evaluation. I thought it'd be kind of novelty-ish, and it was a bit weird to hear a female voice the first time, but I think it ended up really well done. The album hit the US store of iTunes today. And Ben was on CNN's Music Buzz today. It's rather funny. Myspace has done a feature on the record as well, and has this mini-documentary uploaded. The video is too long for youtube, I think. I will wokeup it eventually.

Also... In case you were unaware, we had this little online chat with Ben Folds himself today. And, much to my surprise and wonder we were also joined by Jared Reynolds, Sam Smith, Chad Chapin and Andrew Higley.

Our chat had over 110 people in at one point, the more the merrier, I say, but the more the chaotic too. And I will be emailing in the questions that never got answered.

If you missed it, you can watch it in real time here. I will work on transcribing it, but it will take a long, long, long, long time. And lots of patience.

Anyway; recap. He doesn't know when he'll be touring in the UK next. (Sorry guys). He did say a lot of fall dates for orchestra and then solo shows are already being nailed down for here in the US.

Ben also said, which I'm not completely sure of it's 100% truthfulness, that Jared picks out the openers. If this is true, Jared's music taste sure has gotten better over the years I've been listening to him. Or maybe that's just mine... Well, whatever the case might be, we (Mel and I) shouted at them for not having The Old Ceremony on tour, Django told us in May that they were supposed to open those shows that Julia Nunes did, and Ben said he'd look into it. Speaking of Mel, Ben joined in one of our boards' favorite pasttimes, making fun of her. Ha.

Also, I dunno if this was public knowledge or not, but Ashton asked about why Prison Food was named that, after all, it has nothing to do with prisons or food... and apparently it's just the fake name it had in the studio, and they never found a name to rename it to.

On song updates; He'd like to finish Chicago (that's what he calls it. Quick, everyone change your tags) but it hasn't happened yet.

We also learned why that verse was cut out of Give Judy My Notice between Silverman and the EP. Ben said that with the "being loved by default" bit made him not like the character, and so it went. (Too bad for me I love that analogy).

Ben also likes his applesauce through a straw. You know I'd have to give you some ridiculous fact.... and speaking of....


....the explanation of the title of this post - we for some reason spent a considerable amount of time talking about pooping. All the boys in the band seem to think the female half of our species does not poop.




*Except Jared Reynolds

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