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27/April/2005 - 22:01

Conan COMPELS you to buy Songs for SilvermanIt took me a few hours, but thanks to Sean (The Director) and southsoccer we've got a video of the Conan performance from last night online in Windows Media format.

If you think the sound seems a little unbalanced, you're right. It's no fault of the file though; presumably the engineers were so excited about it being the first Conan to be broadcast in high-definition they neglected to check the sound mix, so crank those speakers up! Ben was also far from top-form, but considering that earlier in the day he played a gig and did a signing, you can't help but forgive him for being a little off at such a late hour.

Oh yeah, it also has a full strings section, so download it now. Conan COMMANDS you!

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