Download Ben's appearance on "Live at Five", including "Late" and "You to Thank"

19/February/2005 - 1:17

Well, mere hours after the show was broadcast, Ben's appearance on "Live at Five" on WDST is now up for download. How's THAT for service?

Ben appeared with his current guitarist and drummer, and they performed "Late" and "You to Thank" together. You can get it over on the message boards here, where you can also leave your thoughts on the interview and songs.

Speaking of opinions, Michael (Screwed Hippy) just forwarded me his little run-down of the show:

"Ben Folds and his band appeared on the 'live at five' show on WDST. Despite the performance being pre-recorded, it was different then his recent performances on the radio. To start it off, Ben spoke about recording the CD in Nashville, and the history of the studio they used. He was then asked about who Ben and William Shatner were introduced, and how it was working with him. Following this, they spoke about the three EP's Ben released, what what appealed so much about them. A performance of 'Late' was after these questions. The DJ then asked Ben about how well he knew Elliot Smith, whom the song is about, and what inspired him to write it. The questions moved onto the song 'Bastard' and what it was about, but no performance of it. The conversation moved back to Nashville, and what the atmosphere is like there, and they briefly spoke about 'Give Judy my Notice'. The second performance from the band was of 'You to thank'. Ben was then asked what the difference between college and arena crowds. After this, Ben speaks about where his tour is taking him, including his upcoming performance with the WASO, and his mini tour of Austrailia.

Overall, it was a better radio interview then we have heard before, with Ben being able to get more then one sentance in before being interrupted. The performances left little to be desired though, despite the perfect quality of the recording. One can only hope this was down to tiredness, and not lack of practice!"

Thanks Michael!

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