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4/February/2005 - 20:26

Well, I've recorded, chopped, encoded and uploaded Ben's appearance on Triple J for your listening delight.

By the sounds of it, Ben was either half-asleep, or the line to America was a bit hard to hear. At one point they lose contact, but get hold of him after a short break.

There wan't anything we didn't already know about "Songs for Silverman" (the fact that the DJs mentioned the end-of-April release date doesn't confirm anything about non-US distribution), though they did play Landed on air (which Ben had to email them in MP3 format - I hope Sony weren't listening).

The interview can be downloaded here (you may need to Right-click or CTRL-click [PC and Mac respectively] to save it).

Sorry for the quality of the recording, but I'm afraid that's the best quality that their web stream afforded me. If any Aussies can hook us up with a better source, it'd be much appreciated.

Thanks go to Mikey for - if not his recording - his unerring dedication to my crazy schemes, and Pippa for the original info about the interview!

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