Download Ben Folds Landed on the Late Late Show

6/May/2005 - 23:37

Ben Folds performs Landed on the Late Late ShowFriday night is upon us, and so in line with no tradition at all I bring you a tasty media morsel: Ben's appearance on the Late Late Show from the other night.

Thanks fly out all over the place for this one. First of all, to "theDumped" on the org for the original recording, then to Sean (aka theDirector) for getting the recording, cleaning it up a bit and converting to windows media, and finally to Jared (aka ideal_toast) for providing me with another source of the recording.

The performance itself... well, Ben's obviously been taking note of my news updates (ha! as if) because if his Carson Daly performance was all wrong, then this is most definitely all right - top form from all three of our lads. And they know it too, just look at that face ;)

And no, no 'bah bah's. Though this spurious 'Oy!' seems to popping in to replace them.

Thanks theDumped, Sean and Jared!

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