Dates in Germany, US Tour kicks off, and free CDs!

3/November/2006 - 10:19

Lindsay and Jared getting off the plane. How about getting on one. To the UK. Seriously, it's friday, and we do the best fish and chips ever.More rumours abound! Got some reports of dates in Germany happening after the UK appearance(s). According to a few sources:

2007-02-02 - Muffathalle (Munich)
2007-02-03 - Docks (Hamburg)
2007-02-05 - Postbahnhof (Berlin)
2007-02-06 - Live Music Hall (Cologne)

So why the question mark? Well, the news originally came from the official German Ben Folds site, but then promptly disappeared again. Spookalicious! Anyway, take those dates as probable, and keep an eye on if you're Germanically inclined!

On the opposite end of the live shows ratio, Ben's current jaunt round the USA is off to a flying start, and the all important info is that YES, THE SYNTHS ARE ON TOUR! After whetting our appetites during the myspace gig, it'd have been daft not to! Other than that, we're not seeing any new material, but perhaps he'll find time to road-test a few before disappearing into the studio for the proposed 2007 new album. Thanks to those who are reporting back, and if you go to a gig, be sure to swing by and let us know how it's going!

Finally, another day, another online activity. This time, if you're a member of the fan club (and his friend on myspace), you can answer a survey to get $50 of free Virgin Megastore vouchers to spend on Ben Folds CDs! Just check your myspace events invites for the details. Sound good? Only if you're in the USA of course! One day this damn fan club will actually be worth the extra $10 us overseas fans were made to pay, I swear... Nah, I'm yanking your chain. They suck.


It seems that the $50 vouchers thing is a SCAM. The Ben Folds account posted a bulletin as follows:

Hey guys, it has come to our attention that a Ben Folds imposter has used this account to send out invites that are a scam. Please ignore this invitation if you got it, it was not sent by Ben. Feel free to let us know if you recieve any more spam from this account. Thanks!

I guess with all the online whor... I mean... PROMOTION surrounding the SSSG it was a little hard to tell!

Apologies for any credibility I added!

Thankfully the fan community doesn't, and courtesy of a youtube member we have some footage of Ben's most excellent Vegoose jam. Nice one.

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