Chaos on the Internet

7/April/2009 - 4:51

We should register that domain.... rival the Amanda Palmer (heh)

Anyway. Tonight's chat with Ben was chaos. Only 80 people (including Ben and the adminstrator) could particiapte at a time... so 78.  Read the entire chat here! (It's a 44 page pdf document you can download from the PFofJ site)

Here's Some Highlights/Things We Learned

One; Emaline is not about a horse. The first time the question is asked. Second time, Ben changed his mind.

Two; Ben hopes to release a dual disc set of Messner, including Breakup at the Foodcourt. (Something I wasn't even hoping for!)

Three; William ****ner. Gotta love the censor. But Ben Folds can teach you how to beat it.


benfolds: amanda might have this down, but i kinda liked the randomness of this
allison: she webcams her's
allison: it's (still) pretty chaotic
marthgirsch: oh ben.  webcam next time! please!
benfolds: you'll see the horse in the hotel room!
benfolds: but we're doing another chat with the suburbs
benfolds: so we could try it differently
benfolds: although i won't do the webcam
benfolds: unless i can see everyone else too

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