Benvivor signups close today!

3/February/2005 - 12:30

All those who want to take part in the famous Benvivor had better get onto the message boards sharpish, as signups close at 17:30 (GMT) today!

To sign up you need to be a member of the boards (as most communication will be through the boards' private messaging [aka 'PM'] feature) and make a quick post on this thread to let myself and James H know you are in.

The first round of questions will be posted on Monday 7th February and you will have 48 hours to send your answers via PM to James H. There's also a gossip thread for all your quiz-related chit-chat.

Incidentally, don't let me go putting ideas in your head, but in previous quizzes it wasn't unknown for little alliances to form between contestants...

Full rules, and details of the cruel-yet-fun 'voting off' process can be found on the sign up thread.

Oh yeah, and don't forget! Ben on Triple J in but four-and-a-half hours (17:00 GMT)!

EDIT: Whoops! Looks like my fingers and toes lied. It's actually on at 19:00GMT. Sorry to anyone tuning in about now (yes, especially you, Mikey)

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