Benvivor V comes to a close

20/July/2006 - 10:00

Alex, our new Benvivor ChampionThis year's Benvivor has come to a close, with Safety Officer Alex narrowly beating SinginShoe by 0.5 points in the final round! Congrats Alex!

This year had been an especially tough edition, and depite having the largest number of entrants, was over in record time. Our previous champion, jrkeyboard, went out in the semi-final.

Hope all you contestants (and spectators) had fun, and remember to watch out for the next Benvivor - coming in 2007!

Finally, please extend your heartfelt appreciation to James H who battled against his hectic London lifestyle to think up questions and run the whole thing. He really is an asset to this board - salute him here!

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