Benvivor IV comes to an exciting finish

30/March/2005 - 9:25

Our two Benvivor IV stars, Barb and Don (winner)Yesterday, the final of Benvivor IV was held over Instant Messenger between the two stars of the competition, jrkeyboard (Don) and barbfoldsfive (Barb).

The competition was close, but there could only be one winner... Step forward Don Walter!

With an almost 100% record over all the rounds, he proved himself a worthy champion, taking out Barb 5-4 in the fast-paced final round that you can check out in full on this thread.

Many thanks go to James H, who has heroically juggled the quiz with all his other commitments to run the most challenging Benvivor competition yet.

And finally, thanks to all those who got involved at the start. Some of you may not have lasted long, but I'm sure we've all learned a lot more (than we needed to) about Mr. Ben Folds and his illustrious career.

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