Ben plays with forks, orchestra.

8/September/2006 - 12:14

Ben Folds performing Rock This Bitch for Steve Irwin with the Symphony Symphony OrchestraIt's Friday, so I've a couple of media snippets for you!

First off, Ben made an appearance on everyone's favourite aussie station Triple J on Wednesday for their 'Like a Version' feature, performing a cover of the excellent Postal Service's "Such Great Heights". Those expecting another boil-in-the-bag piano/bass/drums cover are in for a surprise. Piano, tinfoil, cloth, forks and bottles anyone? Right-clicky here.

Secondly, Ben's gig with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra last night took an improvisational turn when he brought back live favourite 'Rock this Bitch' in rap form to pay tribute to the great man Steve Irwin who was killed last Monday. You can check out the youtube video here. I've also put the lyrics up (thanks Havelock).

Cheers all who took the time to record and share these!

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