Ben on Australian radio tomorrow

6/April/2005 - 13:57

The Deep End, Radio NationalCmajor7th has returned with another hot tip on an Australian appearance (he was right about Sunrise!), this time on the radio.
Reportedly, Ben will be on "The Deep End" on Radio National, scheduled for broadcast at 3pm local time on Thursday. Their website isn't exactly forthcoming, but it does have recent shows up for online streaming so with luck it'll appear in the next 24 hours or so.

He hastens to add that he doesn't know "whether it will be an interview, or some songs played on the show or even a live concert that has been recorded (they do that sometimes)", but I remain hopeful. We shall see!

Thanks Cmajor7th!

Incidentally, I notice on the site that "You to Thank" was played on Wednesday. Cool.

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