Ben interview on Perth Radio 92.9

28/March/2005 - 15:13

The Larry Baxter Show on 92.9Can't get enough of these radio Ben interviews? Well this one might just put you over the edge...

The Larry Baxter show on local Perth station 92.9 had Ben in the studio very briefly the other week for quite possibly the most inane, disrespectful "interview" ever - from incessant and inappropriate Shatner-bashing, to labelling ex-BFFers as 'angry' at Ben's solo progress. And yes, they did call it "Songs for the Silverman". Don't worry though - it's only about 3 minutes long. Ben does manage to give it at least a crumb of credibility by giving us a taster of what 'Brick' might sounds like if it were put in a minor key. Other than that prepare to tune in and tune out.

Nevertheless, thanks to Chris for the link!

Listen in Windows Media format here.

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