Ben interview and possible DVD clip?

4/April/2005 - 14:49

Sydney Morning HeraldBen recently did an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald concerning how he sees himself these days, his collaboration with Shatner, and a little story about how Bill Clinton almost made it onto "Has Been".

The most notable thing about this, though, is the live version of "Landed" you can watch - my guess is that it comes from the upcoming 'behind the scenes' DVD being released with Songs for Silverman.

Thanks once again to Chris, who sent me the link on Friday while the files were still cooling on the server. After Friday's glut of updating though, I had the weekend off ;)

Incidentally, that Landed review on 6 Music was less than sparkling, and the panel obviously had very little knowledge of Ben. It was said at one point that the track sounded exactly like "The Luckiest" by "Ben Folds Five". Exactly.

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