Ben arrives in the UK

12/December/2005 - 17:24

Ben Folds kicks off his three-date english 'tour' tonight at the NIA in Birmingham, heading down to London tomorrow and finally Manchester on Thursday - and as always I'm seeking your help.

If you'll be attending any of these dates, I'd love to see a setlist, review, some photos, or even audio/video. I'll be down in London, where there's a bit of a Suburbs meet-up going on. Anyone attending be sure to come and say 'Hi'.

Oh yeah, and in case you hadn't heard - support for the shows will be provided by The Maccabees, who seem decent enough if you're into the current UK music scene.

Also worth mentioning that contrary to my most recent update, the Australian (region 4) DVD looks like it might not have any extras - therefore there's no real reason to choose that over the Region 0 (works in any player) American version (unless your telly has an aversion to NTSC).

See you in London!

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