Ben Rocks Over Europe

27/January/2007 - 13:45

Ben Folds plays London Hammersmith Apollo on the 23rd January 2007There are two great things about having Ben over here. One, naturally, is seeing him. The other is the flurry of new faces that appear on the boards. Shouts out to all you 'newbs' that have appeared! Without sounding too much like a massive advertisment, why not sign up? I'm gradually spreading the membership stuff across the whole site, so it'll soon be good for a number of natty features I'm working on.

Also, if you fancy getting in touch with me directly just hit the email link. Preferably stick 'Ben Folds' somewhere in the subject to make it a bit clearer you're not someone trying to sell me a Canadian libido-enhancing mortgage.

Well, Ben & co have got a couple more shows in jolly old England before jetting off to Europe. You can get all the latest gossip from the shows on our Tour Board. Posting is open to all, so when you've returned from a show still buzzing, come vent it with a bunch of like minded Ben-nuts. I'm enjoying all the stories so far!

A few highlights so far - the synth of course, extended 'Bitches Ain't Shit', Neil Hannon in Dublin, Freebird improv in London, 'Green Guy' in Sheffield and, of course, the return of the full-band "Underground".

Right, better pack the bags and head to Manchester. Anyone going, I'll be the guy down the front with brown hair, glasses, and a scraggy little 'beard'. Come say 'Hey'.

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