Ben Folds working on Amanda Palmer's solo album

5/April/2007 - 17:07

I was all set to post this under 'rumour' a couple of days ago, but since then we've had some official confirmation!

At one of Ben's recent US college shows (keep the reports and setlists coming, guys! You're doing great!) Ben mentioned he was working with a 'female artist' on her album. We also got wind that something was afoot when Triple J's 'Super Request' show mentioned that Amanda Palmer (of the Dresden Dolls) was working on 'something' with Ben Folds. And of course, we all know how big a fan of the Dolls Ben is.

Well now, Amanda herself has posted on a message board to officially confirm that the record will be recorded and produced in Ben's Nashville studio, and that he will also be playing on it!

Hopefully this won't affect Ben's 'buy a load of old synths and blow shit up' record too adversely (anyone want to ask him how that's going?).

In other news, we've got official confirmation that Lindsay Jamieson, Ben's previous tour, EP and 'Songs for Silverman' drummer has now permanently left Club Folds after his recent illness to do more of the family thing. I feel bad putting this up as a footnote to another article, so tell you what - I'm going to issue a challenge.

Over the Easter weekend, I want you to find the best video clips of Lindsay doing his thing on Youtube. There's loads of live footage on there, so have a dig around and pull out the best. Throw them up on this thread, and I'll do a further update next week with the coolest.

And finally, were you in the front rows at the Normal, Illinois show? you know, the one where he did the encore wearing nothing but boxers and a long t-shirt? Well then, I feel very, very sorry for you.

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