Ben Folds on the radio again!

2/February/2005 - 11:32

The Triple J drum logoWell, I'd hardly finished singing the praises of Triple J, when they go and give me something else to be excited about.

Ben will be interviewed this coming Friday (4th February) on the breakfast show "Jay and the Doctor".

Hopefully this will be more in-depth than Ben's Air America appearance last Sunday (oh, which you can now download here), and might contain some info on any upcoming releases outside the US (remember, the April 26th release date for "Songs for Silverman" is only confirmed for the US, and "Landed" has no date at all).

The show starts at 6am local time, which (utilizing the help of all my fingers and toes) should be about 5pm GMT on Thursday 3rd. Of course, I'll be recording the stream, but if any locals fancy encoding a better quality radio source, please let me know!

Finally, for all those who missed it:
Download Ben Folds' appearance on Air America here

Many thanks to Pippa for the news, and Mike and Nick for the Air America recording!

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