Ben Folds on Simpsons Movie Soundtrack

23/May/2007 - 22:42

Ben Folds will be contributing a song to the Simpsons Movie soundtrackHmm... now this is an interesting one. If you were compiling a list of artists to appear on the Simpsons Movie soundtrack, who would you choose? I'm a Simpsons fan, but I can't say I can really envisage a particular demographic for the target audience. How would you go about creating a mixtape of bands with indie-cred for the 20-somethings whithout boring the under 12s or alienating the older 'I-don't-see-why-adult-cartoons-need-swears' fans? Solution: put everyone on there. Check it out:

  • U Can't Shine Like Me- Lil' Romeo
  • If You Let Me Go - Jay-Z featuring Omarion
  • So Emotional - 1 Chance
  • High Away from You - Lifehouse
  • I Don't Wanna Understand - Jennifer Lopez featuring Three 6 Mafia
  • I Believe You - Lyfe Jennings
  • The Way You Roll With Me - T.I.
  • Dancing Machine - Maroon 5 featuring Lil' Flip
  • Simpson - Beanie Sigel featuring Jazze Pha
  • Since You Get Off The Computer - Fall Out Boy
  • Back Again - Kai featuring Akon
  • I Will Kill You - Panic! at the Disco
  • You Gave My Heart - Keyshia Cole featuring Ludacris
  • The World Is Yours - N.W.A.
  • In the Rain - Young Jeezy featuring Lil' Wayne
  • Lockdown - Joe Budden featuring The Game and Mike Jones
  • Roll Tide - Ja Rule featuring Lloyd and Nelly
  • I'm Your Mama - Chris Brown featuring Nas
  • Go to Bed - David Banner
  • I Don't Wanna Your Stupid Of Me - Ben Folds
  • Get Off The Porch - Obie Trice featuring 50 Cent and Eminem

OK, maybe they're not all demographic-safe, but hang on - just run that title by me again. "I Don't Wanna Your Stupid Of Me". Nope, brain cannot compute. Does that mean anything?

Thanks Michael for that. Good to know you're still alive.

Soundtrack will hit the shops sometime around the 10th of July.


OK guys, this might actually be a big lie. You shouldn't tell me to put stuff on the news page when i'm tired, ill and suggestible. It's just not cricket :)
Cheers 88KK for the source.

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