Ben Folds on GMTV - Who knew?

10/June/2005 - 16:42

Ben Folds appeared on GMTV in the UK this morningBen Folds made an appearance this morning on the UK's most popular everyone's-just-too-darn-cheerful breakfast show, GMTV - though they didn't decide to tell the online community until after the event.

He featured twice on the show, performing 'Landed' at about 7:40 and again almost an hour later (sans band - I guess the 5am wake up call was a bit too much for Jared and Lindsay). He had a bit of a chat, but was understandably a bit bleary-eyed. Forget jetlag - the breakfast show is the touring musician's worst enemy.

I've not got a tape of it (I was unaware and on my way to work - d'oh!) so if you managed to grab it either on computer or good ol' fashioned video tape, then let me know!

Thanks to all those who reported back.

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