Ben Folds on Dutch Radio 3FM - Audio and Video!

31/January/2007 - 19:42

Miss Ben on Dutch radio yesterday? Well that's a shame, because it was great! The performance of 'Learn to Live With What You (f*cking) Are' was a little wobbly (well, they *were* performing in a hallway!), but it was a fantastic interview and a fun version of 'Bitches Ain't Shit' - apparently the Netherlands have no such thing as watershed!

What's that? You want to hear it? Well, that's lucky, cause Peter is currently hosting the audio files on his site.

And of course, being the 'burbs, we like to go one better - so we managed to get hold of the webcam stream. How's about that then? Here's "Learn to Live...", and you can watch the interview on this thread.

Thanks to Peter, and also Sarah for manning the webcam.

Now, let's not forget he was over there to do a gig! Thanks to those reporting back - there are some incredible pictures up here, and of course ongoing conversation about all their recent tour dates on the tour board. Keep them coming in, people!

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