Ben Folds on Air America, and Adelaide/Common People hit the Triple J charts!

1/February/2005 - 0:40

Well, Sunday night's Air America show was "a gas", despite several grumblings about the presenter's, uh, "style". Ben picked out some great tracks and, as a UKer, I am glad that the word is being spread about such bands as The Streets, and especially The Zutons.

Anyway - the recording is in hand, and after a little chopping will be up in the next few hours or so, so check back!

In the meantime, it occurred to me that I'd not reviewed the Triple J Hottest 100 results. As you may remember, both Ben Folds' "Adelaide" and Folds/Shatner/Painter/Jackons' "Common People" were included in the shortlist.

Well, Folds himself came in at 37. But more impressively; "Common People" reached 21!

Congrats to the lads - there was some stiff competition, and we all know how discerning the Triple J audience can be :)

Thanks to Jake and Pippa for the info!

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