Ben Folds on 97.3 'The Planet' MP3s, featuring "Late" and "Gracie"

25/February/2005 - 17:00

97.3 The PlanetWith many thanks to barbfoldsfive for the recording, and drag for letting us know in the first place, I've got Ben's Tuesday appearance on 97.3 The Planet online.

It was a similar setup to his appearance on "Live at Five", with a bit of chat and a couple of songs. Ben and the boys were live via satellite (though from the sounds of it it had been pre-recorded and edited slightly) and performed Late (with Lindsay and Jared) and Gracie (solo piano).

Some people who listened in thought that the tracks were from the album. Having now heard it I doubt it from the way they talk and the quality of the recording (the 'pop' on the 'p' of "Elliott, man, you Played a fine guitar" being a classic example). They were on top form though; a lot tighter than their previous radio appearance.

Head over to the boards to get the songs and leave your thoughts. Incidentally, the post interview chatter track is barely worth the download, unless you want to hear why it should be illegal for certain people to use the words "phenominal" and "awesome".

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