Ben Folds appearing... well... everywhere.

28/May/2005 - 21:24

BEn Folds will be appearing on ABC's The View, Channel 4's 4play, BBC 6 Music's Hub Sessions and XM Satellite Radio. Oh my!OK, now the big update is out of the way, time for a rundown of all these upcoming Ben appearances. Pay attention, 'cause they're all over the place.

Firstly, Ben is going to be Artist of the Month of June over at, with a day of programming interspersed with his videos on the 3rd. I can only assume this will include some Ben Folds Five, else it may get a little repetitive.

On May the 30th (this coming Monday) Ben will be on ABC's "The View" as their 'Musical Guest'. Heaven knows when this was taped, seeing as Ben's been over here for a good week know.

And talking of the UK, Ben's is getting a second shot of winning over the late-night music loving audience as he appears on Channel 4's "4Play" music show in the early hours of Tuesday 7th June (12:20am - 12:40am).

Fancy getting some Ben over radio instead? Then don't forget that he will be playing a Hub Sessions on BBC 6 Music this Monday (30th). He's also being featured this weekend over on XFM satellite radio, though I'm not sure in what capacity. The site is worth a visit though for this video of Zak and Sara.

Thanks to Ben_Folds_Fan, the .com, and David Goodson.

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