Ben Folds and the WASO DVD released.

8/December/2005 - 10:52

Ben Folds Live in Perth with WASO DVD now availableThe DVD is out! Well, in America and Germany at least.

Anyway, a heads up on the different versions. The German version is region 0 (works in all players), but those who've managed to get a copy of it are a bit peeved to find that the extras (backstage, interviews and behind-the-scenes) are missing. There's also no book, insert or anything, so it's very much a video of the concert on a shiny disc - pure and simple.

The Australian version (with extras) will be out on the 12th, and will be Region 4 (Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Mexico) - so not natively compatible with UK players. Might be worth checking if your player is multi-region though (a lot are) or just looking for a code on the internet to unlock it - it's legal to do in this country as I understand... Just be careful where you surf for codes.

Or, just play it on your PC's DVD drive using the free VLC media player.

The American version is Region 1 (USA, Canada), so anyone outside that will also have to make sure they can play it.

Me? I'm going for the Aussie version. I know I'm getting the extras, plus it'll be PAL format rather than NTSC (kinder on my telly).

CORRECTION: The American edition is actually the same as the german version - region free, but no extras. Thanks to 'lostincrowds' for the info!

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