Ben Folds and an Orchestra - coming to the USA!

8/August/2005 - 11:32

Ben Folds performs with the West Australian Symphony OrchestraRemember when Ben played with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and we said there were promoters present to assess the feasibility of more dates? Well, they obviously liked what they saw!

Tickets are already on sale
for a gig with Baltimore Symphony Orchestra at the Strathmore Music Centre on the the 10th of November. Dubbed 'Pop Rocks', the show will follow the same formula as the WASO shows (solo Ben with a full orchestral backing), and I assume they will probably use the arrangements by the Australian composers, unless there were a few that Ben felt might be improved upon or reinterpreted.

One thing is clear though - this show must be recorded for posterity! If anyone is interested in helping the international community get a slice of second-hand orchestral action, then let me know.

Thanks to Don for the info!

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