Ben Folds and The Sing-Off

12/December/2009 - 5:23

If you've been keeping up, we've recently found out that the rumors from earlier in the fall are true. Ben Folds is a Celebrity Judge on a primetime NBC holiday special. (This might, perhaps, be the the strangest true statement I've ever published.) The show debuts MONDAY December 14, 2009 at 8/7c, on NBC. Not sure if NBC will host the videos and/or will they be viewable outside of the United States. But, do be sure to check your local listings.

The Sing-Off is an a cappella contest a la American Idol, America's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance.... etc. Luckily for us, in the way that it won't keep Ben for an entire season, and therefore off the touring road, it's only four episodes long. Monday's edition is a two hour commitment. The Live finale of the show is on the 21st of December. I, for one, am a bit miffed by this idea, understand why Ben was selected, just a bit surprised he agreed to it, given his self-admitted TV nerves. (See; You Don't Know Me antics and Pirate costume for Learn to Live.) Anyway, we all seem to agree that it's good exposure, even if the rest of the casting makes us want to cringe. Join in the discussion.


On a completely other note Brooke and I, at SnuzzFest West last month picked up a few extra copies of, well more like Catie gave us more copies of, the newest Snuzz release; the Carving Pumpkins EP. So we're selling the last five we've got for $7 a peice (that's less than $1 a song). Message Brooke to purchase one, and for paypal information! Outside of the slight shipping cost all the money you send (and feel free to send more) will be forwarded on to Snuzz himself, who is now a month into his chemo treatments, which cost $50,000 a month.  And really this EP is some of Snuzz' best work. Take a preview of the title track, easily one of my favorite songs of all time. It's my top song, if you really cared that much. The EP also includes a new version of a very old Snuzz song, The Apology, which Ben attempted to cover. Also, you can make direct donations to Snuzz here. Watch this awesome photo montage with more information, and spot Brooke and myself.

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