Ben Folds Premieres New Song!

13/November/2006 - 21:47

Well, ok, not quite.
It seems that on Saturday (11th Nov), before the SUNY Geneseo gig, Ben & co tried to use the attached fitness centre, and fell foul of the Fitness Director Paul Simmons. Presumably not fancying going hand-to-hand with the guy (though I reckon Jared could probably take him), Ben responded in the only way he knew how:

Just some fun I fancied highlighting. Thanks to Will for the story, 'ArborDay33' (on youtube) for the vid, and Aniamos for finding it! Lyrics here

'Arborday33' also posted a video (from the same show) of Ben pretty much testing out every sound on his new synth.

I'm not surprised Lindsay and Jared look lost!

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