Ben Folds New Album Details!

10/July/2008 - 21:56

Thanks to PASTE Magazine, we finally have some details on Ben's new album!

'Way To Normal' (or WtN as we'll soon be typing) is the grammatically jarring title of the album which Americans can expect on September 16th, Japan on the 17th, and the UK, uh, probably sometime around then.

Although we don't have a definitive track list yet, we can safely assume that the new songs we've seen live will be making an appearance, notably:

You Don't Know Me
Free Coffee
Kylie From Connecticut
Errant Dog
The Bitch Went Nuts

Handily copy/pasted from Wikipedia, this is NOT the final tracklist, and it most certainly won't be the order (though he has mentioned 'Hiroshima' will be the opener more than once... we'll see).

I'll bring you all that detail as soon as I have it.

PS Sheffield was awesome.

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