Ben Folds Five Live Released June 4. Summer Tour Follows

16/April/2013 - 22:01

June fourth release date has been set for Ben Folds Five Live. Album will be made available both on CD and Dual LP. As of this moment there's only a presale through Amazon, but I expect word from the Five camp soon. Track listing is a pretty average concert (and yes, I groaned when I saw Landed was included), but there are a few unique gems, as always. Songs you think are missing from the track list? What are you most exicted? At any of these shows? (I wasn't, for hitting 7) Join in the conversation!


01. Jackson Cannery (The Warfield, San Francisco CA, 1/31/13)

02. Erase Me (The Warfield, San Francisco CA, 1/31/13)

03. Selfless, Cold and Composed (House of Blues, Boston MA, 10/13/12)

04. Uncle Walter (Kool Haus, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 10/5/12)

05. Landed (The Warfield, San Francisco CA, 1/31/13)

06. Sky High (The Barton Theatre, Adelaide AU, 11/16/12)

07. One Chord Blues/Billie s Bounce (The Wiltern, Los Angeles CA 1/26/13)

08. Do It Anyway/Overture-Heaven on Their Minds (O2 Academy, Brixton UK, 12/4/12)

09. Brick (The Warfield, San Francisco CA, 1/31/13)

10. Draw A Crowd (Capitol, Port Chester NY, 10/9/12)

11. Narcolepsy (Hitomi Kinen Hall, Tokyo JP, 2/16/13)

12. Underground (Mielparque Hall, Osaka JP, 2/22/13)

13. Tom and Mary (O2 Academy, Brixton UK, 12/4/12)

14. One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces (The Warfield, San Francisco CA, 1/31/13)

15. Song for the Dumped (The Barton Theatre, Adelaide AU, 11/16/12)



And if you're like me, and like picking up releases directly from the artist, "Last Summer on Earth" tour begins just short of two weeks later in Dallas. Apparently technically a co-headlining tour, but Ben Folds Five will be playing the opening slot, Guster as the warm up. Be sure to check the dates thoroughly, there are some shows that BF5 aren't playing and some that Guster isn't. Check out the tour page for all of Ben Folds Five's appearances. Add yourself to the listings and take set lists, please and thank you. Feel free to share your photos on the boards, thoughts, everything. We'll be seeing you on the road!

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