Ben Folds Fan Club details released.

18/May/2005 - 23:06

Ben Folds Fan Club details emailDid you sign up to the Ben Folds Fan Club email thingy that the official site was pushing a while ago? If so, then you've most likely been on the receiving end of a hideously poor HTML email finally giving out details of the benefits, and the monetary damage.

For twenty-five US dollars ($30 in canada and $35 for us poor unfortunate overseas-ers) you will get "An exclusive Ben Folds Fan Club 'Welcome Package'" which will contain:

Personally autographed photo from Ben
Ben Folds Fan Club Membership Card ("with YOUR name")
Personally autographed CD-EP (chosen by Ben)
"Additional exclusive gifts"

Plus a load of intangible 'benefits' such as what seems to be an email mailing list and a login for an upcoming section the official website.

Quite frankly, I'm somewhat amazed that such free information should be charged for instead of a free login, but I guess the equivalent of just under 20 is pretty much right for a signed EP, my name in ink, and a photograph - providing shipping is included.

Eh, who am I kidding. 'Ben Folds' is the 'Open Sesame' of my wallet, and Sony knows it. Prove me wrong, Ben.

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